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Car Tracking

Car Tracking service Save time and cost for supervision, Vehicle Tracking give real time information of your vehicle such as speed, vehicle position,  fuel using web and mobile app.

Here below is the details of how service work and why you should have it in your Car, Bajaj or  Motorbike (Bodaboda)

GPS Tracking Tanzania


Vehicle Tracking saves a life in term of its benefits, the companies that are using tracking service serves a lot in time and cost more over efficiency and productivity instantly after they have it, here is the list of some benefits that how GPS Tracking can serve you :

  • Real Time visibility over vehicles : Using the web and mobile app you have access to view all your vehicles and  locate where they are in google map, speed, ignition state, motion state and other related information in real time.
  • Improved driver loyalty, efficiency and productivity : Vehicle Tracking service gives you access to all information and on top of that, it gives you alerts and notifications regarding different events such as geofence (The area or line you are interested with ) entering and exit, night movements, over speeding etc.
  • Flexible reports for various analyses :
    The system gives you with custom report that provides various data such as stops, routes, events and stops in various formats such as excel, p.d.f
  • Improved fleet optimization: Gps Tracker can be integrated with fuel sensor and help against fuel theft.
  • Increased vehicle security & driver safety : Vehicle can be tracked any time this reduce the risk of being stolen, drivers on other hand can be reached for the help as well when ever the time the problem happen and can not be reached in phone.


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Traccar Installation

The following steps takes to have a traccar system working in your vehicle :

  • Traccar device configured and installed in your vehicle
  • The Traccar system that gives you an account to access your devices using web and mobile application
Watch Traccar Installation
Traccar Events, notifications and alerts


G.P.S device is installed in the vehicle using battery power wires so that it can stay with power all the time,

The sensors such as fuel sensors that works together with the devices are installed to give more functions.

Devices are configured to point to the server that will be sending the positions data after very assigned interval , data will be manipulated by the Traccar system to provide information to the users.

When two steps above are done, then a client is given an account that he/she will use to get all information of all vehicles any time using web and mobile application.