GPS Tracking

WHY you need to track your vehicle

Real time information

For the reason that most of the people suffer a lot for not having full information of there vehicles The solution become inevitable, hence the solution makes you aware of all information regarding your vehicle

Save management cost

Other than relying on physical follow up by calling drivers to understand information about the vehicle and drivers,that is almost tedious and inefficient for the fact that the information can probably false an some times drivers may not be available because of various problem such as mobile is turned off etc, more over the this cost time and money.

Reliable survielence

In case the car is stolen, the solution give the reliable way of making follow up, It is almost 100% reliable method provided it gives the point that it exactly found.


We are the best in service providing with experience in vehicle tracking in Tanzania.

For more than 10 years we have stand best and successfully helped Tanzanian companies and Individuals to automate their fleet operations.

With the experience and best staffs, we have made the customers be flexible and happy to manage their vehicle with real-time information that helps in optimizing their fleet’s efficiency.

The solutions give the customer unlimited functionalities to help them enjoy the service at maximum level.

These include the interfaces, customer have an access to both web interface and mobile application to access their vehicles and get quick information they need in real time

On the other hand, the system provides the customer access of unlimited reports of different formats like excels, pdf, and other format that