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B-POS, The POS Software for shop, Store

Modern  Dealership operation has become so complex that it would be unthinkable to do all the stock Management tasks with pen and paper – unless you are selling 2-3 products a day! With the help of Point Of Sale, you can run the products Lot operation more smoothly, and manage larger volume of products.

B Pos Point of sales
B-POS Sales point of sales
B-Pos Report

Point Of Sale was developed with the assistance of various Car Dealers and covers all aspects of this trade. With POS the Products are monitored from the purchase (trade) date, until it has been sold. All costs incurred when reconditioning the Products are also recorded. Creditors accounts, reconditioning and VAT is automatically updated after each transaction has taken place.

You can view Products details, such as Buyer, Seller, reconditioning cost and profit on screen—No more guessing—you will know exactly what your profit per Products are. With powerful reporting POS makes it easy to run your business. With the Invoice Generation Module you can Invoice a Products and add extras .

This option also allows for the Trade-in to be automatically loaded once the Products is sold. With POS  the Dealer knows exactly what the value and age of his stock are. With the Products register he also has a complete record of all his purchases (Trade-ins) and sales. The system will also track his Salesman’s performance and can he print all of specific Salesman’s sales (Easy commission calculation).

A few highlights are

  • Product records – Previous Owner, Buyer & Reconditioning.
  • Salesman Commissions & Sales.
  • Floor plan control – Interest, Invoicing and Listings.
  • Consignment Stock.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Stock Value, Price listings & Profit Listings
  • Complete Ordering system and Reporting
  • Complete Debtors System with Statements & Reporting
  • Offer to Purchase