Why Tracking your Vehicle?

Why Car Tracking


In a nutshell, tracking is all about the way the front wheels of the vehicle point. This can be affected by impacts from day to day driving as we have described above. These can knock suspension components out of alignment. You should also have the tracking checked after a collision, even a minor one, as this can cause hidden problems. On older cars, tracking problems can also be caused by general wear and tear, the springs becoming slacker over time, for example, or the shock absorbers becoming worn. If you have carried out any modifications to the car – fitting different wheels or changing the ride height, for example – it’s also important to have the tracking checked afterwards to ensure you haven’t upset anything.


  • Efficiency fleet monitoring

Our GPS Devices constantly sends data regarding position, speed, alerts and all others, there will be no worries to know where your vehicles are located, speed etc and have a complete report custom to your needs.

  • Fix Drivers Bad Habits

As you are aware of all information including speed, excessive idling, and route inefficiencies, drivers will have no option to not correcting bad habits.

  • GPS Will serve you from theft

When you fleet/Vehicle is stolen, GPS will guide to locate where it is, that can help you get it back.

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