GPS Car Tracking

We are the best service provider for Car tracking in Tanzania,

Our Tracking service covers Cars, Trucks, BodaBoda, Bajaji and others.

Car tracking is of great importance as it helps manage and track your fleets in real time and help you get relevant information all the time.

GPS Tracking uses tracking device (GPS) that updates Information to the server to make them available to tracking system.

Car Track Installation


Fleet Vehicle Tracking is the technology that give you an access to real time information of your Fleet/Vehicle any time with out any effort in maximum efficiency.

The Information Includes but not limited to:

  • Fleet Position
  • Speed
  • Alerts
  • Efficiency fleet monitoring

Our GPS Devices constantly sends data regarding position, speed, alerts and all others, there will be no worries to know where your vehicles are located, speed etc and have a complete report custom to your needs.


  • Fix Drivers Bad Habits

As you are aware of all information including speed, excessive idling, and route inefficiencies, drivers will have no option to not correcting bad habits.


  • GPS Will serve you from theft

When you fleet/Vehicle is stolen, GPS will guide to locate where it is, that can help you get it back.

  • Device Installation

The Device is installed in the vehicle / Fleet, the device will be used to sends data to the system.


  • Device Configuration

Device is configured to point to the server address where it has to send data


  • User Account Creation

User Account is created and devices are attached to the account so that user can have access to them.


  • Application:

User can then access all information using both web application and mobile app.



User gets 24/7 free Support in case of any thing regarding the service performance.


GPS Tracking for
(Car, Trucks, Bajaji and Bodaboda)